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[QUOTE=Tadite;53504789]He's the fastest human to have existed.

Sounds all time to me regardless of all the weird discipline stuff you keep throwing out.

Is he the fastest human? I am not so certain. I mean he is clearly the fastest human to have competed in the Olympics at his discipline his chosen field his area of competition the events that he competes in but is the fastest guy to ever run a mile? Is he the fastest guy to ever run in other areas of competition is my point and remains a valid one.

He calls himself a legend because he is.

Cassius Clay (and Carl Lewis et el) did the very same thing, was, and is so beloved that though he's shockingly physically disabled a country not of his birth had him a the opening ceremony to touch the Olympic flag and made a point to focus on him. You have heard of Muhammad Ali... haven't you?

We weren't talking about Cassius Clay so I don't know why you would introduce him into the conversation without knowing my position on him or what he has said regarding his talent or with either of us knowing if he still felt the same way today. Our only topic is what Bolt said and while Ali is a fair comparison as to athletes who have proclaimed themselves to be "the greatest of all time" at their chosen fields of competition without knowing my stance on M.A.'s comments your point doesn't really have anything to do with what we are discussing in my opinion.

Bolt is the only person in his generation that has a chance to be that and you simply do not understand how famous he is. He isn't some minor little athlete in an unknown sport. He's one of the most reconisable people on the planet. Hell, just in the 100m more people watched him then know of the existence of hockey. Most estimates are in the Billions....

You make a solid point in saying that I simply don't understand how famous he is. As I have said, I don't follow track and or field at all so my opinion is only based on his ridiculous and outlandish comment regarding his own greatness and has nothing to do with how popular he is has become or might eventually end up being.

Never really said all that. Most of the time he talks about all the others. Just after breaking a WR he's all excited. He isn't as produced/managed as Phelps.

Um..... That sounds like speculation but fair enough I guess.

I think that's your mistake. You're to use'd to the standard cliched speeches. Lots of god, family, and coaches. That's just cliche. It's not real. Bolts a guy with actual personality.

Wow, that is a completely ridiculous assumption on your part. You have no way of knowing what I am used to hearing athletes say during interviews nor do you know how I think/feel about any of the comments that I have heard during my lifetime regarding them.

Yea... So wheres the outrage when Phelps called himself the greatest Olympian of all time? Something that's blatantly stupid.

GIve me a quote of him saying that or a link where I can watch him say that and I will respond but my gut instinct would be to say that he at least has won more medals than any other Olympic athlete than any other Olympic athlete in history. I would think he at least can point to his overall record and as a reason for saying what he did and while I would also think if he made that statement in the same context that Bolt did that Phelps was a bit of a tool as well.

He's the fastest human to exist. Ever. As in all of human existence. As in since we evolved. You don't really need to know anything more then that.

See my above counter point for greater detail but again, Bolt isn't the fastest human to ever exist, we have no way of actually knowing that nor is he the fastest human to have ever existed in every area of competitive running as he doesn't compete in every area of competitive running.

What you need to know is that Bolt is only the fastest human to have ever been recorded since we started recording these sorts of competition (to the best of my knowledge) and that he is also only the "greatest athlete of all time" in the events in which he has competed and not the entire world of track and field let alone of all time.

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