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Originally Posted by bozak911 View Post
I've used warm up pants over my inline girdle and shins, but never sweat pants... Honestly, after you put on the jersey, it's difficult to even tell the difference. One guy comes out to pick up with an either or set up and i never notice which one he brought out until about halfway through the game.

For him, it depends on if he rode a motorcycle to the game or his truck. If motorcycle, then small bag with inline girdle/sweats. If truck, full gear.
Yeah, I mean I didn't feel like I had to make comments to them about it haha, but I always just thought "wouldn't that wreck your sweats?" At the time I thought he was wearing hockey pants over the sweats, which made he thought he'd forgotten to pack his socks haha.

Originally Posted by SCBruCrew4 View Post
Lol that was me. I have never played competitve hockey and am just getting into it at 24 y/o. But I didn't buy socks at the time of a pickup game and just wore sweatpants over my pads lol. Looked like a idiot, sweat my ass off and the only thing anyone said to me was a 16 year old kid who asked if I was hot yet when all I did was skate across the rink to the bench. Lol, everyone was there for fun and not much chirping was going on anyways but you just brining it up made me laugh.

FYI I now own socks haha
Hah, how hot was it anyway? I sweat pretty bad just wearing sweatpants and walking.. can't imagine skating in them :S I mean at the end of the day it doesn't matter if the refs don't say anything about it.

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