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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Luongo at the international stage has played extremely well and hasnt done anything that suggests he won't be good in 2014.

How do you know what you'll get out of Carey Price? Or Braden Holtby? Or Marc Andre Fleury? Or Cam Ward? By the same standard, none of these goalies cut it.

I think you have to pencil in a roster right now, and erase names as you go and make changes as you go. If Carey Price develops into another Jonathan Quick then you definitely have to start him.

I think 2010 (re the Americans) proved more than anything not to buy in to the media garbage and fans expectations. That works in Luongo's favor as his reputation has been tarnished by ridiculous high standards set on him that isn't consistent with other goalies. Martin Brodeur blows it in game 7 of the EQF in 2009, and is named Canada's starter at the Olympics 10 months later. The media hyped team USA as massive underdogs but if you look at their roster you shouldn't be surprised they did well. They have a lot of solid youth, and a lot of talent. I personally predicted they'd be up there either in the gold or bronze medal games.
I respectfully disagree and I'd take the opposite approach and scout the goalies on the short-list (the aforementioned 5-6 guys) right up until you have the name the roster, then decide on your goaltender trio at that point. I believe that's the same approach that Hockey Canada takes with the entire roster. In any event I wouldn't assume that Luongo is the penciled-in #1 guy at this point based on his previous service. We also disagree on Luongo's international performance to-date; as I stated, I don't think he played extremely well in Vancouver but was instead merely "good enough", or "adequate" to get the job done. If I was pressed to name a roster for a World Cup this September, Luongo would be one of my 3 goalies (along with Price and Smith), so take that as you may. He's certainly ahead of Ward and Fleury on my list for 2014 too.

With respect to the U.S. team in 2010, they went into the tournament with a defined gameplan and built their roster in the context of that gameplan. And it worked. I personally had them at #4 going in (behind Canada/Russia and Sweden), pretty close to the Fins, so I was surprised when they ran the table up to the gold medal game, including kicking our butts 5-2, and took us to OT in the final. I expect a similar challenge from the Americans in 2014, though its worth noting that historically they (like us) haven't recently fared as well away from North America. It also remains to be seen whether their gameplan will translate well onto the international ice.

Anyway, it seems like we're arguing about semantics at this point. We're each projecting Luongo to be on the 2014 team - you have him as the de facto starter, I have him projected as a backup with room to the upside if he re-entrenches himself as an elite goaltender between now and then (which TBH I really hope happens).

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