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Been a reader of the boards for a while and what better for a first post...

(Real) Name: Nick
Age: 20
Age you act: Depends on the day
Sex: M
Birthplace: Columbus, OH
Where you live: Grove City, OH
Distinguishing Physical Characteristic: Either my beard or mullet
Nationality: French
Mode of Transportation: Hyundai Sonata
Job: Childcare
College Attended/Attending: The Ohio State University

How you became a Jackets' fan: Was a huge Devils fan (Scott Stevens was my idol growing up) before the CBJ came to town. Devils continue to be my team but the Jackets are a close 2nd.
Favorite Jackets Player: Jack Johnson, Nikita Nikitin
Favorite NON Jackets Player: Marty Brodeur, Andy Greene, Alex Ovechkin, Rusty Klesla
Favorite piece of Blue Jacket paraphernalia (souvenir): "March On" flag from Game 3. First Playoff Home Game.
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: Blue "CBJ logo" custom with civil war cap patches, White Edge Brassard, Scott Stevens red, Marty Brodeur red, White Devils blank, Alex Ovechkin rookie jersey black

Video Game Systems Owned: Super Nintendo, DreamCast, Nintendo64, Wii, XBOX360
Favorite Game(s): NHL and Madden series'
Music/Bands You Like: Big fan of country music and Rush
Favorite Movie(s): Miracle, Toy Story, Wizard of Oz
Favorite TV Show: Law and Order: SVU
Favorite Food: Mexican, pasta
Most Interesting/Unusual Person/Entity You Follow on Twitter: Don't really follow anyone too interesting or unusual...

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