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08-14-2012, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Alivesi View Post
Not sure if he will accept, but I am thinking of making an offer for Cam Newton.

Cam Newton + Michael Floyd (BN) for Tony Romo and Santonio Holmes (BN) would he accept?
I dont see why you would really make that move to be honest...

I dont see Newton as an upgrade over Romo, I think both will have similar numbers this year with Newton possibly hitting a sophmore slump wall...he does play on a **** team...

I had Holmes last year and he killed me, but your not getting an upgrade at receiver either...

If you like Cam Newton a ton, and he is the guy you want then pull the trigger on that trade...but to me, it seems like a lateral move with a slight drop-off losing Holmes who still is the Jets #1 receiver (means snot really, but its true)...

I dont think it really makes your team look any different to be honest..

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