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Originally Posted by NYVanfan View Post
Rented a car this past weekend, it had Sat radio ... Jim Boomer Gordon and Scott Laughlin are doing their annual GM Report Cards on NHL Home Ice on Sirius XM..

Pretty interesting stuff ...when it came to the Canucks, they both pretty much trashed Gillis; C and C- grades, respectively. Chief complaints:

1. Goaltending carousel not handled well (ie the trade shoulde been made sooner)
2. Hodgson not handled well (blasted MG for trashing Coho publicly after the deal.)
3. Where are the kids? No Gillis drafted players in the lineup. Pretty much reiterated this:
4. Following #3, overall most of the lineup he inherited. What significant moves has he made on the lineup? Hamhuis and Garrison wanted to come here, and the Booth trade is looking iffy early on.

I know there's Gillis transaction thread, but thought this was interesting enough to post here. Also, I am a Gillis defender, I like everything he's done for the mostpart, but they did raise some good points.
1. They can say this but since no games have been played since Schneider signed his contract itís a reach to say waiting this long is a negative on the team. A lot will depend on whether or not Luongo comes to camp, how he handles it, and what Gillis gets in return for Luongo. This is a very biased and flawed attempt at bashing Gillis. This is an opinion on the future and has nothing to do with the past results.
2. Tend to agree that Hodgson was not handled well after the back injury occurred. If Kassian turns into a top 6 power forward than itís a non issue. Too early to tell IMO.
3. The prospect pool is far superior to what the Canucks had when Gillis took over but still isnít where it needs to be.
4. The core was inherited, Hamhuis and Garrison were easier signings than most but you can argue a big part of why Vancouver was so attractive to them was because of what Gillis has done. Also depth wins championships; Gillis has added a lot of depth to the organization.

I take exception to point 1 the most because itís a very much a speculative point that canít be proven. How can you use that to grade how a GM has performed? If Gillis waits out the other GMs and gets the return he is looking for, then how is it a bad thing?

Overall the report card Jim Boomer Gordon and Scott Laughlin gave Gillis seems to be more on the cynical side and looks to be geared to create debatable topics for listeners and guests.

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