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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Funny how you're knocking me for telling others what they should be concerned with (even though that's not what I've done at all) yet you're sitting there telling ME what I should do... Oh the irony

Also... I know you were curious, I just tried to answer your question and give you a different perspective
And as long as cap hits get more attention than actual player evaluations... I'll always have something to say about because I find it absolutely ridiculous

If you don't like it... Don't read/reply
I Asked a simple question about the cba, it had nothing to do with Max's cap hit specifically. I'd prefer if you kept your meaningless posts to yourself, unless you have an answer to the question I asked, which you didn't at all. Player evaluation cannot be done 100% accurately without consideration to his contract, it is you who continually ignores that, not anyone else. Contracts determine their ability to be moved and so on, and also contribute greatly to their trade value.

That wasn't my concern here at all though. It was the issue of the cba and whether I miss remembered or misinterpreted what I thought I read.

I enjoy understanding the cba and the business aspects of hockey and find it interesting. If you don't care about these things, that's fine, don't attempt to answer my questions without giving an answer.

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