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08-14-2012, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by NYVanfan View Post
yeah, they credited the Prez' trophys ...though IMO did not stress enough that having a team of that calibre generally means less playing time for rookies.

gave some grief for losing Erhoff -- did mention that he tried and the Buffalo money was wisely avoided, but the point was Gillis has failed to replace what we lost when Erhoff left, which is not a totally unfair point. IMO, MAG was an issue .. I thought he was an attempt to replace Erhoff, and he made the Kassian trade more palatable...but then he was cast off this summer, which seemed like a squandered asset.

I think it's too easy to criticize him for not moving Luongo. That's such a critical move for the future of the organization -- and what's lost by not rushing that this summer? What chemistry issues do we risk waiting from June until Aug or Sept? Later on, perhaps, but even then, maximizing the return should be the priority.

Can't think of a single UFA or deadline deal that I really wish we had made. Maybe Mueller, Jagr, or Asham or even outside shot, Semin (but too much $ there, I think.)

To be honest, I do worry a bit about the Garrison signing.... really hoping he's as good as Hamhuis. 6 years is a lot to stake on a 28YO with one good year...
I think that he's made some good moves and maybe a couple of questionable ones. I'm not really a big fan of the grades for GM's though. I prefer to break them down to top third, middle third and bottom third. I'd put Gillis' overall performance in the top third. The bottomline is that he took a pretty good team that missed the playoffs the year before he came and turned them into a team that made it to game 7 of the SCF the year before last and then won the President's trophy this past year. He's attracted two pf the top 6 free agents for their year in Hamhuis and Garrison. The results really speak for themselves.

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