Thread: On the Radio: Official Sports Radio Thread Part 7
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08-14-2012, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
I was flipping between both stations this am, and man was WEEI killing haggs. It was really funny. They basically called his integrity into question for not owning up to making a mistake about the beer being allowed in clubhouses on the road. They even put together an audio piece ripping on how all he had was a personal attack against Kirk during their twitter war and on Comcast, and how Minihane was just calling him out for not being informed. Said how everyone in the media thinks he's a hot head and can't take any criticisms. Pretty funny, IMO, even if it was obviously agenda driven.
Used to respect Mr. Haggerty. Not anymore. His trashing of Tim Thomas (regardless of what one thinks per Tim's behavior & subsequent exit) is gratuitous & nakedly self-serving. He knows Tim's gone for good, why not cut him down to build yourself up?

In the sports media biz as presently constituted, the coin of the realm is face time, making yourself the story (CHB), and becoming a minor celeb. That's where the money is, and Haggerty, like so many in his profession, understands that one must make hay while the sun is high. Why are Felger, et. al. spread so thin & ubiquitious? 'Cause they gotta "crush it" while the crushin's good.

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