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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
That's bull****...'overpaying' players just makes a GM's job more difficult. Some GM's are better at getting out of trouble then others.

Take the Flyers for much precious cap space did they have this summer? I know not one single NHL spent as much on player salaries last year as the Flyer, yet like magic, there they were offering Shea Weber a 110M deal

The New York Rangers magically always seem to be able to sign/trade for some of the NHL's biggest contracts...

I NEVER said the salary cap isn't's just not 2005 anymore, it's not AS important, every team can has/can/will continue to overpay for players because the salary cap is so high today. ALL NHL teams are spending roughly the same on player salaries, there was about 15M difference between the highest spending team last year and the lowest spending team...that's almost 1 max contract, it's nothing...

The truth is every team can afford to overpay players AND still re-sign their own or target other players via trade or free agency. There are virtually no restrictions to the salary cap in today's world.

This fan focus on salary cap hits, while it's certainly anyone's prerogative to focus on this (and maybe i've spent too much energy trying to convince people they shouldn't care - I can accept that criticism) is COMPLETELY over-stated IMO.

In present day NHL, the salary cap might as well not is very easy for teams to continually make mistakes salary-wise and still be able to compete in the NHL....

The salary cap exists not to act like the 'big bad monster' fans think it is there to allow ALL teams the ability to compete financially with each other. The idea that 'overpaying' 5-6 players by 1M somehow screws you in the long run is COMPLETE fallacy (and it's also never actually happened)'s just not true.

and I equate fans who keep spreading this fallacy to parents scaring their children with stories about the boogeyman
I never said it screws you.

It impedes your ability to easily add a significant roster player WITHOUT having to move another.

Philly has had to move roster players in the past. Them moving Carter and Richards would be the equivalent of us moving say Plekanec and Pacioretty, in order to go a slightly different route. Most of Philly's players are on relatively cap friendly contracts, with the obvious exception of Bryzgalov and Pronger but it seems Pronger will be retiring due to injury so they might have dodged that bullet. Hence where most of the room to get Weber comes from.

I wonder exactly how much thought you put into your response before you spewed out "FALLACY!! FALLACY". I just gave you a perfectly good example of what overpaying does. If saving 3.5-5M over the course of 6-7 players was enough to add say a player like Gionta in your Top 9 over a player like Armstrong... IS IT NOT AN UPGRADE WITHOUT HAVING TO REMOVE FROM YOUR CORE?

Your anti-Cap obsession has been well-documented.

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