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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
It would be nice to have an intelligent conversation about Canada's roster, including goaltending, without people spewing biased media rhetoric, and a bunch of ******** like "choke choke choke"

If you want to use one standard to judge a goalie then at least be consistent. It's funny how you bash Luongo for TAKING HIS TEAM TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS yet praise "Good Ol Carey Price" who hasn't done anything in the playoffs.

I'm glad Hockey Canada doesn't pick their teams based on the "fans" popular choices because then we would probably have Cam Ward starting in net. How's he done his last 2 international tournaments, or his last playoff series? and if you want to talk about the team they're on, then use that analysis both ways and look at all the deficiencies the Canucks had in the playoffs. It wasn't all on Luongo, the team in front of him was mentally weak and choked. Shutout on home ice in game 7 of he SCF tells you all you need to know about that team.

Like I said, Luongo will be on the team, and so will Price (barring injury of course). Luongo gets the de facto number 1 job based on past service as long as he's still a top goalie in the NHL, and assuming Price isn't pulling a Jonathan Quick. The real question should be who's number 3?

Last time it was Fleury and I would think he has the edge. However I wouldn't count out Holtby who has has looked very good in very limited NHL action. I wouldn't take Cam Ward, nor would I look at someone like Mike Smith unless he proves last year wasn't a fluke.
First of all, I think you should realise that the Canucks team has been much better than the Canadiens team. The Habs suffered from the injuries to their D man Markov and Jaroslov Spacek last season but yet Price still played more consistently than Luongo. Price didn't completely **** the bed early in the season, He played decent all year.

Price: .916 SV % Luongo: .919 SV%
Price: 2.43 GAA Luongo: 2.41 GAA

Notice how they are extremely similar to eachother.

Now let's look at their teams defence.

The Habs defence was very young this year. As I mentioned above, They had to deal with the losses of Markov and Spacek for a very large portion of the season. A 22 year old PK Subban was their #1 guy back there. Josh Gorges also played the full year. They didn't get Kaberle until the second half of the season. They also had to play Emelin and Weber. Carey Price had to stand on his head to atleast put up decent stats with this team.

Bieska, Hanhuis and Edler led the charge for Vancouver and they didn't have to really deal wtih any injuries all year. I'm sure anyone anywhere would take haven taken Vacouvers defence from last year over Montreal's injury plagued defence.

As you can see, Carey Price almost has identical stats to Roberto's even though Carey Price played ten more games than Loo and Price's Defence was obviously worse.

Watch Carey Price bounce back in the next two years if people stay healthy.Like I said in a previous post, If Luongo is traded to either Florida or Toronto, watch his numbers go down the tubes. Carey Price is only getting better as time goes on. He hasn't reached his prime yet. The same can't be said for your precious Roberto Luongo. And don't pull the "how's he done in the last two international tournaments" on me. Carey Price was injured.

I certainly don't agree with Luongo gettng the number 1 Job. I think he should play but just not in important games. Give Price the first game and either Loo or Fluery the second. Fluery has the experience factor over some long shot like Holtby or Mike Smith. I'm pretty sure it will be those three guys unless Injuries consume one of them.

Our Team Canada will probably have a very good shot at winning, no matter who's between the pipes for us. Upfront we are amazing and the same can be said about our defence. Any team would have a very hard time beating us even if we had an average goaltener back there.

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