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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post

Who thought Carter was overpaid? Signed way too long, I could concede... Overpaid on a cap hit basis? That I would call fallacy.
at the trade deadline I remember discussing this very topic on the Habs board and the common theme seemed to be that Carter was overpaid.

Montreal wouldn't have too hard of a time attracting players, not like the Islanders do. It's been proven before. We've signed some pretty good players over the course of the last 3-4 years. We have a solid core in place. Hypothetically let's say next season we make progress, the next season we have a good-to-great year and have a surprise playoff run. We are on the cusp of becoming contenders with a core entering it's prime and solid youth on the cusp of joining as well.. Is it inconceivable that a few solid UFA's might have interest in joining this team on the verge of perhaps winning the cup?
of course it is conceivable, but do you think the Habs wouldn't have to 'overpay' for these impact UFA's? Almost every impact UFA is going to get overpaid, if that were to happen, I'd have to sift through pages and pages of Habs fans complaining that the Habs 'overpaid' for said UFA''s vicious cycle.

Of course. The odds would be good. Of course our odds of adding such a player will have gone up considerably as well with guys like Gomez now off the books. Saving "a mill here, a mill there" on contracts like Pacioretty also add up, and improve our position in the future in the quest to add talent.
Can't say I disagree there, but your thought isn't well developped...Yes the odds increase that the Habs would be able to add such a player(s) with guys like Gomez off the books, but you're making the leap to assume that just because we have available cap space, that whoever we sign would be a success. You know what happened the last time the Habs had alot of cap flexibility? It's the summer Gainey traded for Gomez and acquired Gionta/Cammy/Moen/Gill/Spacek.

Having cap space doesn't mean you'll use it effectively...

If I was Bergevin I'd be trying my best to continue to lock up players I consider key pieces at value or better deals. It gives him so much more flexibility moving forward, can we not agree on this?
Yes we can agree on that, but it's just not very realistic...furthermore, the idea of value is so subjective, most would agree (including I) that Pacioretty is a great deal value-wise, while I've read several posters state that it is an incredibly risky deal given Pacioretty is relatively unproven...and really, can you say they're wrong????

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