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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
B- average to get into a masters program.

Ha, I wish.
You're comparing the two? Seriously? The reason why it requires less for engineering is #1, it's more in demand, #2 it's just a harder program. I know people in arts who have a 3.7 and do nada. I know you're in arts and it's not a shot at you, but c'mon, you know there's a difference.

That being said B- is kind of low, I'm surprised, the cut off everywhere else is B or higher.

Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
Engineering, it's alot tougher to get good grades than in others programs.
I'm still shocked it's B- though. That's insanely low.

Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
Pretty easy system :

4.33 : A+
4.00 : A
3.66 : A-
3.33 : B+
3.00 : B
2.66 : B-
2.33 : C+
2.00 : C
1.66 : C-
1.33 : D+
1.00 : D

So it means a B- average grade is required for the master degree, but then again the professor choose who he want and that's what I'm more afraid of.
School I go to, Concordia has a 4.3 system and it's basically the same except rounded to 0.3s and 0.7s instead of 0.33 and 0.66. Our masters programs require min 3.0.

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