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08-14-2012, 11:12 PM
Bunk Moreland
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Just read an article from Andy Strickland:

You don’t need further evidence from the players as their first proposal was executed close to perfection. They didn’t come out swinging looking to knock out Gary Bettman and his committee. This was purely an attempt to strike a fair deal that works for everyone involved. This doesn’t suggest the NHL won’t identify some holes in the player’s proposal as you can be assured they didn’t like everything. But as one high ranking NHL official told me this evening “It’s a starting point.”

That’s pretty much the best case scenario for NHL fans as training camps are scheduled to open up in just a matter of weeks. The same league source went on to say the player’s proposal “Was better than I expected. It maintains the current structure of our system and recognizes there is a problem that needs fixing.”

This is about as good of a response as anyone could ask for as the real negotiating process gets underway. NHLPA Executive director Donald Fehr was smart in how he played his opening proposal. The creativity that earns players millions of dollars on the ice was displayed as they carefully crafted out an “outside the box” way of thinking so that all 30 clubs can benefit.
Interesting read but I really don't like this part from an Isles fan perspective:

What you might not have read is the idea of buying cap space from another club to allow a team to take on certain contracts. For example if the Philadelphia Flyers want to take on an $8 million player from the Nashville Predators but have only $6 million of cap space, they can purchase additional cap space from Nashville to allow the player to join their club.

How the NHL responds remains to be seen but I don’t see why small revenue teams would have an issue with this. A team like St. Louis for example doesn’t spend close to the cap so why not sell the remaining cap space you’re not going to use and pocket the additional revenue? You would probably have to set a cap for how much cap space a team could buy otherwise a team like Toronto would have a cap number exceeding $100 million.

Under the NHLPA proposal teams would also have the option to buy/sell draft picks. If a team like the New York Islanders or the Edmonton Oilers feels they have enough prospects stockpiled in their system, they’d have the option of selling a high pick for cash. How much would the fifth overall draft pick go for? This would allow a Vancouver, New York, or Detroit, who almost never have the opportunity to draft in the top five, to buy their way into the top of the first round.
So Charles can sell off his high draft picks and his available cap space for $$? Where does he sign..

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