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08-14-2012, 10:20 PM
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Well, I had my interview today. As I was warned, and maybe expected, it doesn't seem to be a paid position. A decision won't be made for about two weeks, and it doesn't seem like this team is going to do second interviews, so I suppose today was my chance. The position sounds good, but I'm second-guessing myself.

I'm almost glad the decision is going to take awhile so I can think things over with my family. But honestly...I'm starting to wonder if I'm willing to make the sacrifices. I'd have to move for no pay and then keep my job, which would have me working over 40 hours a week no doubt. I feel like there should be no doubt in my mind as to yes I'd take the opportunity, but instead...I feel like I can't bring myself to keep working for free. I'm getting older and have student loans and bills, like a lot of the population, and I just wonder if taking an internship is worth it if it's offered me.

I told my mom the other day that if I applied for a non-sports, 9-5 job and it were offered to me, I would be OK with that because I could keep all my hockey fan privileges. But right now, I feel like that I know nothing else because I've wanted to work in hockey for so long that it doesn't make sense to throw everything away and stop pursuing it.

I know you said you did some writing, any chance of tapping those connections made asking about jobs? Not getting paid is rough, I couldn't imagine doing it will working full-time as well. I hope everything pans out for you. Maybe staying involved in sport in some capacity like volunteering or officiating would be something you could do as well?

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