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08-14-2012, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by DJOpus View Post
Hmm, as a Canucks fan, I don't actually think there's an extremely large a gap between Stamkos and Eberle...Stamkos is ahead but not by as much as some people think IMO.

Eberle plays in the West, who's leading scorer had 81 points, and put up 76 points (4th West) and 34 goals (4th West) despite missing four games. Eberle plays with a bunch of scrubs.

Stamkos is in the East, who's leading scorer had 109 points, and put up 97 points (2nd East/NHL) and 60 goals (1st East/NHL), he played all 82 games. Stamkos plays with a fugure HHOFer in St Louis.

A bunch of scrubs??..

Hall and RNH say hi

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