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08-14-2012, 10:29 PM
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Phillies tickets

Hey mods if its ok I thought I could ask a question here instead of the baseball sticky or visiting Philly sticky since I'm not sure if it gets read much this time of year... feel free to merge if need be!

I will be in Atlantic city for work and then have a few extra days with my gf, from sept 10 to 14. From what I hear not much to do there other than gamble and will likely get sick of it after night 2.... so was thinking, maybe a good idea to check out a Phillies game since they'll be home to the Marlins! Was an Expos fan back in the day


Getting from AC to Citizens bank ... should I drive? Bus? Train? Is traffic heavy by car? Google maps say 1 hour...

Sept 10, 11 games at 7pm and the 12th at 4pm... What would be more appealing, a night game or a 4pm game?

Lastly, what are the best value tickets and best place to sit, taking into account atmosphere, view and value? Would like to keep it under 50$ per ticket.

Lastly, best place to get tickets would be directly from ?

Thanks again!

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