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12-03-2003, 06:39 PM
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Another Egg!

MacT had another stinker didn't he. I mean he didn't score, no assists, and no checks thrown. Man he is brutal. Simpson - even worse, I didn't even see him on the bench let alone the ice. Didn't those coaches play $&^#%@@( brutal tonight!!

The rest of the team - well what can we say. Conklin once again stood on his head after watching Cross, Semenov, Staios, and Smith hand deliver turnover after turnover in the limited time the puck was in their own end.

Ryan Smyth - once again no points and although he was chosen 3rd star he made countless stupid plays in the offensive zone off of good cycles. Stupid blindly thrown passes into the slot most of which were waist high. Have to give him credit he was working hard tonight and although many of his plays ended in frustrating results, at least their was an effort.

Another PP goal against. Well those damn coaches again. The penalty came off an easy defensive zone clearing play gone miserably sour by Semenov. Rather than making that simple play, he chose to skate right into the forecheckers who were pinned to the boards by the others Oilers blueliner. On the goal - Dvorak overpersued down low to the forward on the half boards leaving the defensmen wide open for the point shot which got deflected. Man I tell you that system sucks!! Or maybe it is the braindead plays by the players on the ice? That seems more realistic.

Anyways, heres to 3 more days of "we really outplayed them tonight" and "the bounces just aren't going our way right now" before another "easy" win on Saturday. The problem is that another "L" for a team that looks about as confident me over a three foot putt. But I guess they all tried really hard right? I guess that was worth paying to watch. We'll gettem next time. What a joke. If Kruezer is reading this - Congratulations, you were right the Flames will finish ahead of the Oilers. I have almost lost all hope. Talk about a rollercoaster ride.

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