Thread: Confirmed with Link: Steve Begin gets proffesional tryout
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08-14-2012, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I don't get the point of the try out to be honest, he wouldn't be a upgrade on Jackman or Bouma or Aliu 2 years ago I can't see him being an upgrade now. I guess it is just to make the camp more of a battle for the 4th liners but with Stajan(?), Bouma, Jackman, Jones, Comeau, Aliu etc all fighting for 4th line roles seems wasted to me.
I said it on the main board but I'm going to say it here again.

I'm so sick of Flames fans thinking Aliu has such a high chance of playing on the team. Guess what, two games doesn't define a career. He has to earn a spot, not be given one. Begin is competition.

Personally, in a 4th line role, I'd rather have Begin over both Aliu and Stajan. Arguably Comeau at times too, when he's floating. Begin doesn't float. Ever.

Begin is a heart and soul player, the kind EVERY single coach in the NHL loves having on their team. This is literally a no risk try out. If we sign him, fantastic, free depth. If we get injuries like last season, we'll need him.

With people *****ing about not having contract spots, guess what, they're only worth something if you actually use them. Its like cap space all over again.

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