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08-15-2012, 06:25 AM
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Kronwall is the most overrated player in the NHL IMO. He was brutal defensively this year on the Wings. He also has the same brain farts and turnovers that Burns has. Basically everything you said about Burns is true for Kronwall except that Burns is bigger and better.

Kronwall all last year was pinching at terrible times and leaving his d-partners out to dry. It is insane how overrated his defensive game is because he lays big hits and people go on youtube and think that is defense. He really isn't much better than Burns, if at all defensively.

His odd-timed and awful pinches are a big reason why Kronwall finished a -2 on a +45 team. The Wings had the 4th highest goal differential in the NHL and he finishes a minus player. Worst +/- on the entire team besides the slow as molasses Tomas Holmstrom. That tells a lot of the story. Hell, even the "declined" Brad Stuart finished with a +16 on the season and that is with being left hung out to dry a lot of the time because of Kronwall. I admit that Stuart had a bad playoffs, brutal in fact. However, he still was a good player in the regular season and a lot of Wings' players sucked against Nashville.

Despite that, Kronwall is a good player who will give you 37-43 points usually if healthy. Certainly isn't going to run the PP like Lidstrom did and White is definitely no Rafalski. So I do see the PP continuing to get worse.

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