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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I couldn't careless about being applauded by others...I don't post to have other agree with me. Also, i've got over 16K posts on this forum, I doubt if 10% of those are cap related.

was a pleasure chatting my man...too bad you can't handle someone having a different opinion than you.

I don't care that your opinion is different, I think you made your point 100 times over. There is no point to your posts anymore. You don't like fans taking issue with contracts and finanacial ongoings of the league, you're well within your rights to hold this view, but you expressed this point ad nauseum. Now everytime a topic comes up, you jump in with your ridiculous "put the calculators away" or the "cap doesn't matter" mantra, nevermind the fact that player evaluation can't take place without considering their contracts, a point you continually ignore you are nothjiing more than a nuissance, if you don't like cap discussions, feel free to not discuss it, but those who do enjoy discussing the inner workings of the league are free to do so.

You didn't offer a differing view, you completely ignored my question I had asked in the first place, which was a cba related question and answered with your typical " put your calculator away" crap.

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