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08-15-2012, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Fenian24 View Post
There's a reason you never hear sox fans around my age (44) say they miss the good 'ol days. This is what the good 'ol days looked liked. Awful owenership, unproductive whiny players, a terrible out of touch manager who takes random naps and a media feeding frenzy.

Only good news is the pink hats will be leaving, and hopefully not finding their way to Causeway street.
Quoted for truth.

And if you think this brings back memories for people our age [I'm 49] you should ask my mother about some of the teams the Sox have fielded in her 70 years of fandom. She has seen some absolute doozies in her time.

So really this is a return to the status quo- the Sox teams of the 00s were the exception that proves the rule.

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