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Originally Posted by KingBogo View Post
From what we know so far the NHLPA made a pretty reasonable counter offer. Certainly looks like they will do what they can to get a deal.

Seems like a clever strategy to be willing to make some concessions and throwing revenue sharing back at the owners. Lets hope the owners have the best interest of the league at heart and start bridging the gap with their next response.

Overall I remain hopeful. Not enough to have our STH group's ticket draft yet, but I certainly won't be making any aternative plans for Oct 13th.
They are certainly making concessions early-on, but will that be seen as weakness by the owners? A lowered % of revenues for the players was always a given. Fehr knew that, so instead of having it wrested from his hands, he gave it away and got PR points for the PA. The question remains, what is the number? Also, I can't see the owners reversing their take in year 4. Likewise, increased owner contribution to revenue sharing is a given, but how much can the 'poor' guys (eg, Chipman, for the sake of this discussion) pry out of the hands of the rich guys?
My view on long-term contracts has changed. I first thought they were crazy and wanted them gone. I now think they're mostly crazy (eg Crosby), but, if we keep them and more strictly enforce their impact on the cap, they could end up hamstringing the rich, free-spending teams and helping the fiscally responsible teams. So, maybe both sides will find a way to keep them.

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