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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
Can we please put a moratorium on the trade Buff threads for a few years? The Jets depth at D is paltry at best, yet some of you want to trade the guy that finished second overall in the league in scoring for defensemen last season? Yikes.

He finished with 41 assists, so clearly he was involved in a good chunk of any of the team offense that was derived via the back-end. Yes, he wandered at times, but he also picked his spots a bit better as the year wore on - probably due to Huddy constantly riding him. Yes, he wasn't overly physical, though he was also injured for much of the last half of the season, which is a limiting factor. Despite playing much of the season with an injury he finished second in scoring for defensemen; and some of you want to jettison that player?
Gump... You are so right it hurts... Sigh...
Plus, Buff was still physical, especially on the boards. I think some people are just sad he doesn't hit like Scott Stevens, or his first game, every single shift

Enstrom plays better with him and Buff plays better with Enstrom. These guys actually fit well together so why split them... More sighing...

From the Statistical Analysis thread:

Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
First pairing: Iíve given my thoughts many times on my preference of Byfuglien on the first pairing so I will avoid boring you guys repeating myself. But hereís something new, when looking at the last two seasons the Jets/Thrashers have scored more 5v5 goals/60 while Enstrom-Byfuglien are on the ice and allowed less 5v5 goals/60 than when Enstrom-Bogosian have been on the ice.

Dustin Byfuglien: While Enstrom was 19th for P/GM, Byfuglien finished ranked 3rd in the league, while laboring through an injury the entire second half of the season. At times, he can get caught over pinching, take overly long shifts, and have difficulty transitioning back into the defensive zone, but many have noted that these defensive gaffs decreased throughout the season and that -- if used effectively -- his offensive upside can outweigh his occasional defensive liabilities. Byfuglien and Enstrom are exactly what any team would want in a first pairing, although their one weakness is their inability to dominate on the penalty kill, but Noel likes to maximize their time on even strength and power play anyways. Without injuries, look for improvement defensively and a similar year offensively from Big Buff (if you can believe it).
For D, Byfuglien was 2nd in pts, 6th in goals, and 3rd in assists. For 5v5 */60 with +30 GP he comes 6th in p/60, 27th in g/60, 29th for a1/60, and 12th in a2/60. Offensively speaking, Byfuglien is a very well rounded defenceman: not relying on goals or assists for points and can produce in the power play and at even strength. It's not hard to believe that both Byfuglien and Enstrom would have produced better had they had more games together (their games missed with injuries were separate).

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