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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
You do care that my opinion is different since you've continually asked me to stop repeating it. I think i've admitted that I've probably gone overboard with the sensationalism in an effort to show how annoyed I am with the singular focus there is on salaries and cap hits...that's my fault.

But i've also explained why I think focusing solely on cap hits like many here, including you, is completely pointless IMO. It's funny you're mentionning that player evaluation can't take place without consdering their contracts, but my issue is it's the ONLY thing you and many here are considering. Look in this very thread at the beginning when the extension was announced...many people were waiting with baited breath to hear how much is cap hit was going to be for.

I've never said that the salary cap does not matter...I've just said it's not the only thing to consider and i've also extrapolated that in today's NHL, the salary cap might as well not exist. Therefore it is IMO, and I don't expect anyone to agree with me, that focusing solely on cap hits, makes no sense.

If you think that my only points are about "putting your calculators away" and "cap doesn't matter"...then you're just guilty of tunnel vision. Because I've done more than just repeat those mantras.

Again, I think i've already mentioned that it was my mistake...if you're going to keep re-hasing that, then I don't know what else to say. I've offered for you to put me on ignore, yet it seems you want to continue this ridiculous back & forth for which we're both guilty for.

i'm more than willing, not to mention capable, of discussing this 'salary cap' issue with you without using the mantras your so upset about. But if not, again, the ignore function is there for everyone to use, cause your certainly not going to web-bully me into changing my point of view.
Is there anyone focusing solely on cap hits?

I think all rational and informed fans agree that cap hit is an important component of player value.

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