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Originally Posted by buggs View Post
He also seemed to me to be targeted by referees simply based on his size. I suppose there's a safety component to that in that he could probably really hurt somebody but it seemed a little bit like profiling in some games last year. Can't forget the look on Buff's face in the opening part of the home opener against Montreal. Habs player skated right at him, tried to move him and fell down - penalty Buff even though he stood still. I'm pretty sure he never actually felt the contact, but looked around to find the ref with his arm up calling a penalty on him. That's got to impact your ability to be physical when they're calling you for stuff you didn't even do.
For what it's worth, Buff was 64th in the league in hits and he only played 66 games. His hit totals were very similar to Bogo's. Bogo definitely blew a few more people up, but Buff wasn't a non factor when it comes to physical play. Of course I don't really trust hitting stats, and they aren't the whole story, but they do tell you some thing.

Buff didn't have many memorable "big hits." Big hits are fun, but they are also largely overrated IMO. Hits are about effectively using your body to separate your opponents from the Puck. Buff is great at that. He almost always gets the strip and was dynamic 1 on 1. Hits don't have to be big to be effective. There is actually some benefit to being able to skate through a players and keep your feet.

Another big factor in Buff's physicality is puck possession. Jets dominated puck possession with Buff on the ice and D men don't do a ton of hitting in the O zone. I will take a players that posts up on the opposing blue line over one that scrambles around his own zone hitting forwards along the boards.

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