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08-15-2012, 11:48 AM
Yukon Joe
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Something roughly like what you suggest could work. If you accept the PAs suggestion that a quarter billion dollars would save all the failing franchises. That sounds perhaps right - heard Doug MacLean on McCown's shows yesterday. In talking about running Columbus he suggested that the problem was that it cost $25 mil more to run a team then it could reasonably earn. So you spread that kind of money around to the bottom 10 to 15 markets and a lot of money-losing teams are suddenly profitable.

And if you can come up with that $250 mil equally between cuts in player salaries, and increased revenue sharing from owners, then maybe that's the basis for a deal.

The one thing I worry about though - that to truly put everyone on equal footing, you might have to do revenue sharing to the "bottom" 20, even 24 teams. I suspect it's a small number of teams making an enormous amount of money...

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