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Originally Posted by GentlemanMasher View Post
Today I **** out an entire elephant and then flew to the moon. I can type things too, doesn't make it true. We have more than Helm but I have a feeling this is going to be an "everything sucks and I know the future" post from you.

See? Let's say hypothetically they've declined (which if they have isn't by much at all) but they're still two of the best in the world. And losing Lidstrom sucks but we're still very good. It's just a matter of perspective-there's still a ton of teams who would want to be us.

You would find it hard to see if you don't actually think about how we lost. Like I said, it was more effort than skill. If you can't see that I'm very sorry. If you actually believe that stupid garbage about "not being good enough to compete anymore", I don't think you know this sport like you think you do. And I really don't think you can tell the difference between floating and trying.

They don't even have 1 elite goalie. And Pietrangelo is already becoming overrated. They just worked hard and didn't stop skating.

False. Go back and watch those games. Our skill plus some seriously impressive work ethic won it for us. Just like in 2002. But what happened when we got lazy and stopped caring? 2003 and 2004 happened, that's what. Same immense skill give or take a few players, but no drive. And we paid dearly.

We're so obsessed with what we lost that we're not noticing our perspective sucks and we can't see what we already have is still good.

This is how I know you're dense. You're judging a player who hasn't played 1 second for the Wings yet and a guy who hasn't played a second in the NHL yet. But you know best right? You know exactly what Brunner is based off of what, your fear of the future and a few youtube clips? Way to be buddy.
I dont agree that we have more than Helm. You could literally replace the entire bottom six (minus Helm) with random bottom six FA's and get the exact same results. Three straight years of no showing in the playoffs.

It's not hypothetical, they have declined. Z looks slower and his production has dropped off. How much that has to do with him centering a bunch of garbage around him is probably 50%. I really dont care if the Columbus Blue Jackets wish they had the Red Wings roster. I wish this Red Wings roster wasnt the Red Wings roster.

You think its effort, i think it's skill. Too many players who cant produce. Apart from Z, Datsyuk, Flip and occasionally Franzen when he actually feels like showing up, the rest of the forwards are miserable at actually scoring. I am talking about the playoffs . I dont care if Justin Abdelkader scored 20 points in the regular season. The guy is a bum when it counts. Ohhh look, he scored those two goals in 09, time to let him off the hook for the rest of his career.

I really must ask, you keep saying this team is very good. What was last years team? A Stanley Cup contending team? They were good for half of the season and the wheels fell off after that. Do you think the Minnesota Wild were a Stanley Cup contending team because they were #1 in December?

Blues worked hard and never stopped skating and lost in the second round. They beat a horrendous Sharks team. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wings have won their cups on skill. They were a Juggernaut of talent from their first cup to their most recent cup. Wings puck possession and complete domination by elite two way forwards is what got the Wings four cups. The grind line certainly helped, but they certainly weren't the catalyst.

Wings stopped winning after 02 because Yzerman was getting there in age and Z/Datsyuk werent ready yet. The talent declined, the rest of the league began to catch up and the cups stopped piling up.

I am judging Brunner off the fact that he has never played an NHL game. He doesnt deserve the benefit of the doubt.

I sort of asked this earlier, but do you think this years team be better than last years team?

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