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Originally Posted by BrodeurRULES View Post
I just love how the only sections that are not touched are the 200 sections. Guess those 4 ghost sections will just be for promos.
Eric's logic for not even making 226 and 215 (defensive end upper corners) lower prices than the center is that people in the upper center will just move over to the cheaper seats..

So by that thinking, why are there 3 price points in the defensive end balconies? I mean, won't people in the front rows just move back, because Eric thinks people just look for cheaper seats similar to theirs?

Not to mention that everyone and their mother has said on here that the defensive end corners are a big enough difference in value to warrant some price difference.. Any game will show you that the market also agrees.. Couldn't even sell half the seats in 226 for a Sunday Flyers game this past season

They've guaranteed that those sections are ghost towns for 80% of games and only sell out for opening night and Ranger games


Here is a photo I took of sections 215 and 214 during a Devils vs Flyers game on a Sunday this past season.. It's not the best quality but it makes the point

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