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04-28-2006, 07:54 AM
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You guys can keep on living in your little dreamworld where Sheldon is the king if that makes you feel better, but I stand by my opinion.

He is a defensive liability everytime he is on the ice. He is slow and plays the puck too much. I don't care what anyone says, the fact remains that if you are a defensemen and the last guy back facing a 1-1 situation, you DON'T PLAY THE PUCK. End of story. The puck cannot go in on it's own. You take the man, squeeze him out on the boards, 1 hand on your stick, whatever. You do whatever it takes to make sure the opponent does not go in alone on your goalie and make you look stupid. Ask ANY defensemen who has actually played the game and they will say the same thing. This stupid swinging my stick at the puck crap has got to stop.

Yes, everyone makes mistakes. But you have to learn from those mistakes, Souray is not. He does the same thing game in and game out, and he looks like a fool 1-1. The bottom line is that defensemen in the NHL are not allowed to make a lot of mistakes because many times it ends up to be a goal. You are called a defensemen for a reason - to defend your goaltender. Rivet and Souray have been our worst defensive team all year - they are minus 18 between them, and look at all the points Souray has.

Think about that for a minute people. Souray had 40 some points, played on all the powerplays with the big line, and still ended up minus 11. If you don't think that is a problem for a defensemen, then you guys have serious reality issues.

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