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Originally Posted by IslesBeGood View Post
Not really a hard cap if you can just buy cap space, even if the amount is limited. This deal will bring the NHL closer to MLB where the teams with money can just get the better player by either buying cap space to add them to the team or buying top picks to add top young players. Potentially turning the draft into the top players holding out for the better teams as we see in MLB some times.

Of course the lowest revenue generating teams might like it as they can profit from spending less and make more money since many owners will trade winning games for more profit.

The teams in the middle will absolutely hate it as they can't afford to buy the cap space or add the extra money and other teams get to add to their teams making it harder for the mid teams to compete, so they eventually decide to stop spending as much and you end up with the same top teams each season with a surprise or 2 and a bunch of along for the profit teams below.
No, it's still a hard cap because it's a cap on overall portion of revenue that the players get. What Fehr's changing is the distribution of that hard cap from an equal cap on each team to the ability to sell cap space among teams. Either way, players still only make 57%.

Now your point about the impact of it is valid, which is why I don't like it. But it is still a hard cap system.

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