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Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
Isn't the first patch usually in like on opening day of the season or something?

If there are any big moves, we're probably just better off doing the trades ourselves online.
No. Depending on who plays, say someone from a league that isn't covered they can't put their name in game until they are officially NHL(or one of the other league's) rights. So they usually wait till a few games in, then they prep the patch then they distribute it. It may end up a month in.

Originally Posted by Bud2790 View Post
Every team can have a certain amount of users on it. If some GM's are not super active and are keeping you guys back, maybe you can add reserve players to those teams to help the league move along.

You can also have up to 6 users per team playing in the game, maybe some GM's will accept to have a reserve play the games with them. Although this doesn't work if you really want to keep games 1 vs 1!

But the first option could work in certain situations IMO i.e. certain GMs can't be on for a couple of days or GMs know they can't play all games in those cases the reserve plays.

Just trying to help! Or if there are enough reserves, start a new league!
Yah but then the backup will want a say in who he's controlling. It will just be a mix up unforunately.

I hope there's an option to switch GMs mid season. This way of some fail to be active I'll find someone else.

Originally Posted by Stjonnypopo View Post
Great I didn't see that someone chose tampa and I missed my chance.

Thanks for not updating the list enough!

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