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Originally Posted by sjaustin77 View Post
I don't really see Marchand as what I would want to pay 5+ for, but with contracts like Leino, Jones, Malone, Jagr, Connolly, etc all making 4 to 4.75 million then I think he could certainly get it from someone.

I actually do rank Patches over Marchand offensively but it isn't clear or very far apart. Even though I said it was clear that Marchand was better by overall play it is very slightly better so no I would rather not have Marchand at 5.5. I think they both could have had about 5.15 or more with some of the ridiculous contracts given out but I would hope that Marchand also takes a discount and comes in at 4.25 to 4.5.

That Patches contract is great for you guys. He has one of the best shots in the game and if all you need is offense I think he is in a group of players just behind the elites in the game.
I think that's a fair assessment. If marchand can sign similar to the pacioretty deal I think it's a good think for boston. I remember last year(i think it was last year after cup win) it took a while to sign marchand and everyone thought he was asking for the world but he got a pretty cap friendly deal and I think he'd do the same in the future.

Originally Posted by NYCBruin View Post
Is missing open nets and hitting goalie's pads a unique skillset now

I think he will get close to 6 or 6, and it is ridiculous. Max is a better player, but there is more that goes into this stuff than actual on ice ability.
Well yeah, max is a better skater and has a better shot than lucic and in general his offensive instincts are better but Lucic brings other things to the table. Before he it 30 goals he was given 4 mil per based on potential and what he was currently bringing. He can ask for 5 mil pretty easily IMO. 6 mil? eh, I dunno if he'd actually get that much even if he is or isn't worth it. I find it hard to believe boston has to overpay for Lucic so you'll see him at a fair deal.

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