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08-15-2012, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
Many NHL executives didn't think Nashville could match our offer sheet. Also Dreger reported that from sources close to Weber, he doesn't sign that offer sheet with the intention of Nashville to match it. You can put it anyway you want, Weber is not exactly thrilled with staying in Nashville. He will be moved in the very near future when that 1 year restriction expires. I hope Poile doesn't have a ****** up his tush and reopens trade talks with us when he is made available.

Also if the new CBA does include more revenue sharing to help out the smaller markets, it wouldn't hurt as much for Nashville to trade him away.

One more thing, the franchise wouldn't die like some people think it would. Yes it would hurt, but if they keep that team competitive(which they have done for so long now) it would hurt, but not cripple them.

Alsooooo I do believe Weber will get his NTC.
This is what makes me believe this NMC request is a tactic being used by Weber to stall the process and to pressure Nashville into trading him after this season. He signed a contract that would make it very difficult for Nashville to match. It was an offer sheet that hurts Nashville's chances of winning. People like to say that Weber's agent was a rogue and saying that Nashville was rebuilding or how things changed after Suter left were just the agent, but Weber knows what he is doing. I'm sure Weber feels like Nashville is on the path to spend to win when it took them 6 days to match an offer sheet on their best player.

I think this will be a problem in the near future. I don't know why the media is eager to believe that Weber didn't actually want to leave Nashville and that he was just trying to get a max deal. He signed a deal he thought Nashville couldn't match. He wanted out. They were shopping him. The match was nothing more than asset management by Nashville. Weber is calling them on their bluff with a NMC that he would probably use to request a trade to Philadelphia.

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