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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
[B]Is he the fastest human? I am not so certain.
That whole argument is silly.

The ThrustSSC is the fastest car in the world. It holds the world record and is literally supersonic. It can't win the Dakar Rally or the WRC. It's never going to be a F1 champion and LeMans isn't in the cards.

That doesn't' change that in you want to have a land speed record it's the car to beat. Your argument of "But, but, but, but he isn't fastest is every single thing that can or could be done in all history." Is just silly. So... "fastest man in the world" goes to the fastest sprinter in the 100m. The guy with the world record is likely the fastest person, ever.

Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
You make a solid point in saying that I simply don't understand how famous he is.

Or what he's done. He's just achieved a level of physical dominance that's nothing short of amazing. If he had lived in ancient Greece they'd be writing him into the Iliad as a demi-god. Simply saying "you don't follow track" is a little bit of a put down for one of the most amazing athletic achievements, ever. You don't need to follow baseball to know how Babe Ruth is or boxing for Ali or hockey for 99 or basketball for MJ.

Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
(to the best of my knowledge) and that he is also only the "greatest athlete of all time" in the events in which he has competed and not the entire world of track and field let alone of all time.
I don't think you can take a joke. One line, increasingly over-hyped, doesn't mean anything. Mostly he, like the world, says the decathletes are the best overall athletes. But, you know, heaven forbid someone being excited after achieving one of the most amazing things ever.

Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
in line with what you think about this subject as being indignant and racist.
Well... sure don't see these same types of pretend outrage when white athletes say things (and no your one or two examples doesn't really outweigh the amazingly large amount on the other side). Do tend to see if all the time when black athletes do.

This is cliche tabloid fodder and it's embarrassing that we still have this in the 21st century.

Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
He has an extra bone in his ankle that gives him an advantage over his fellow athletes? Who knew about this and how in the world would an extra bone help him run faster? Sounds fishy to me.
You must be joking. I'm really hoping all of this was sarcastic. You understand where that comes from.... right?

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