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08-15-2012, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRFAN218 View Post
Let's not get crazy here. I think the safe bet is there will be hockey but it won't be until December or the Winter Classic at the latest. I don't think anyone will get a real good feel for how this is going until two weeks before the deadline though. Still too early.

I just don't see any way where they lock out for the entire year. There is no way they can do it again under any circumstance. What they're arguing over will be nothing compared to the after effects of a year long lockout.
I'm not too sure. If you go by start of HBO24/7 or the Winter Classic as the pressure point, that's only really there for the owners, and they've made it pretty clear, they're not going to concede anything. They won't give in.

That means it's up to the players to make the concessions. Maybe they will, but I'm not confident.

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