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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
This is just a general stereotype with zero facts to it
So... what you're really saying is that the 50 years of research on this subject doesn't exist. Because you don't like one of the most common examples of stereotypes in existence, and most researched, nor the decades of work on it and the multitude of associated beliefs (which are wrong...) such as "black people are more athletic".

I'd start with just ( it's not like your going to go to a library so I really shouldn't bother):
Byers, W. (1995). Unsportmanlike conduct: Exploiting college athletes. Ann
Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.
Coakley, J. (2004). Sports in society: Issues and controversies (8th ed.). New
York: McGraw-Hill.
Devine, P. G. (1989). Stereotypes and prejudices: Their automatic and con-
trolled components. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 56(1),
Entine, J. (2000). Taboo: Why Black athletes dominate sports and why we are
afraid to talk about it. New York: Public Affairs.
Goldsmith, P. (2003). Race relations and racial patterns in schools sports par-
ticipation. Sociology of Sport Journal, 20, 147-171.
Miller, P. B. (1998). The anatomy of scientific racism: Racialist responses to
Black athletic achievement. Journal of Sport History, 25(1), 119-151.

Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
. Where has it been shown or proven that black athletes comments are more scrutinized or lended to more outrage than white athletes
Lots of places.

Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
, especially in the past 40 years when issues of legitimate racism were greatly reduced?
Reduced doesn't mean none. God knows I should never talk about race on the internet, and didn't even bring it up, so not sure why your jumping on me. But I'd suggest that with the rise of neo-nazi political parties (hello Golden Dawn!) in Europe picking up 10% of the popular vote and light fascists making a move for majority governments, legitimate racism is on the rise globally.

World Value Survey shows a clear increase in racist thought and ideology globally.

Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
To insinuate that there is a general bigotry towards black athletes today by the media is unfounded and unsupported.
Lots of support. 5 seconds of research could find more.

Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
You can have your own 'opinion' but there is no factual evidence to support such a claim.
Instead of 'opinion' I'm going to just stick in 'commonly well research and known fact.'

Actually on second thought. That's the last post. Someone wants to downplay one of the greatest athletes of our time. That's fine with me. I don't really care and I shouldn't have even touched the race thing (which I didn't bring up). First rule of the internet is: Never talk about race. I just let myself get annoyed when people ignore decades of research but to be honest. Who cares? People can do, or say, or think, whatever they want. Reality isn't all that relevant most of the time and it's irrelevant on the internet.

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