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Originally Posted by DumFries View Post
Recent civil engineer here with no experience looking for over a year now for just a basic job in engineering. So far, my venerated degree brings me no joy.

Still stuck in the same part time position I was six years ago, only difference is now I'm full time. I am already contemplating on changing careers.
I don't know, everybody i know had a job when they finished their degrees...go to the MTQ they hire alot theses times.

Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
It's possible but don't see the advantage of them doing that. Seems like a way to kill people's chances at masters elsewhere.
There's no required minimum average grade from the cegep in engineering, so they use Darwin to the maximum. Also, I don't know if they take that into account.

Anyway got a friend who has been offered to do a master, because the professor liked him, I mean that's how it works.

I hope it will work for me if I want to do one.

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