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08-15-2012, 05:20 PM
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^ I agree. shrewd, patient asset management, strong personnel development, locker room leadership and the right coaching are the ingredients to keeping your window of opportunity open.

Asset management - know when to trade and what your needs are and set yourself up to have this flexibility when the time comes (i.e. don't have a team of 33 year olds with 12 NMC's)

Personnel development - get the most out of all your assets and prospects, give them access to everything they could possibly need and don't give them any excuse to underperform

Locker room leadership - both overrated and underrated by fans, I think the role that "locker room guys" play is to inject humor and perspective when the ship is sinking and to renew focus and motivate when everything is going right

Right coaching - nuff said. As much as we all love to s*** on AV I think he's got the right mentality; he coaches to his players' strengths. He made a pretty seamless transition from a very defensive system to a run'n'gun system as soon as his roster allowed for it.

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