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08-15-2012, 07:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Anth93 View Post
Is anyone else beginning to literally fear for Griffin?

Let's be honest here, he has not been nearly as good as NFL network/ESPN suggest. I follow a bunch of Redskins media guys on twitter and it seems like every other day I read something about his inaccuracy/incompetence in the pocket.

I'm not suggesting he's a bust or will bust, because he won't. He's going to be terrific, but with the way these networks have been dissecting his play and the media as a whole acting like he's the greatest thing since Michael Vick.. It's just not what I want as a Skins fan. Less attention please.
A lot of the media guys at the park like Campbell and Russell have been nothing but negative and should be disregarded.
Griffin is a rookie and like every rookie outside of Cam Newton he's going to have his struggles. All the elite QBs have taken a couple years to reach elite status.

I'm more worried about durability, but if he survives his first two seasons without a major injury I think he'll grow into his frame a bit more and be fine, ie Rodgers.

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