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08-15-2012, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by turbodaze View Post
And when the person is completely in the team bench, then you can leave the bench?

I don't want to go on the ice too early and get too many men on the ice right?
There's usually a bit of latitude there - as long as you aren't jumping into the play before the guy has left the ice, you can usually step on before the other guy has stepped into the bench. Your league may have more strict rules, but tou will be able to figure it out just by watching the more experienced players for a couple of shifts. You will likely see the guy on the bench open the door, stand up - when the player coming off is within a couple strides of the door, the guy on the bench steps on.

As for when to change, keep your shifts short. You burn a lot of energy in very little time out there, don't become a liability because you don't have the legs to chase down a puck.

Ideally you will change on a dump-in to the other end or at least when your team has possession. You don't want to change when the other team is rushing towards your end if you can avoid it - they'll score. That said, sometimes you might get trapped in your own zone. It happens. Do your best to keep your lungs from bursting and first chance you get, swap.

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