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08-15-2012, 08:20 PM
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Hello everyone. Fun story coming up.

I'm a fan of Djurgårdens IF in Sweden. The team who just signed Chet Pickard. The goalie that you guys here has been telling me is awful. I dont want to judge him yet but, that's what you guys have been saying.

Here is the story, we had signed Steve Valiquette earlier this summer. But he changed his mind in the mid-summer and got cold feet and didnt want to come anymore. So they terminated his contract.

Then alot of agents started contacting our GM, but he was already in contact with the swedish Preds scout Lucas Bergman who owed our GM a favour from back in the days. Our GM was assistant coach in our team a few years ago when Patric Hörnqvist was coming up. And he told Lucas Bergman to convince Preds to take a chance on him. (I dont know what you guess think if him, but as taken last overall and that years draft, he has to be considered a draft steal). And Bergman said he would re-pay the favour in getting us a good goalie now. And he sent us Chet Pickard a few weeks ago. As a thank you for the Patric Hörnqvist tip a years ago.

If Pickard really sucks like some people here say, then you got a pretty good deal in getting rid of Pickard in 2012 in exchange for the Hörnqvist tip a few years ago.

Even favours?

Edit: And now you guys have drafted our top prospect in Pontus Åberg (What a blast of a shot that guys has). I wonder if our GM tipped Lucas Bergman off this time as well? Haha...

Åberg and Hörnqvist actually could be similar stories. Hörnqvist was pretty much set up to every single goal by our best player, Fredrik Bremberg. Passing wizard. He pretty much sent that kid to the NHL himself. And now, everyone expect Djurgården to pair up Åberg with Bremberg this season and try to get the most out of Åbergs amazing shooting powers. They have practised together on the first line so far this summer.

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