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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
These are opening volleys, nothing to get too disappointed about. Give it sometime. Starting next week I am betting they will be meeting every other day or more, some serious progress can happen.

It's like when a player goes for arbitration. The team's offer is like 2 million, the players like 7 million. A world of difference it seems like, but really the team is gunning for a 4 million dollar deal, the player a 4.5 million dollar deal. It seems bad at first, but you quickly realize both sides have plenty of room to give.

For example, it's clear, IMO, that things like the 10 year RFA period, max 5 year contracts, etc were placed in the owner's original offer so that they can be "given up" in negotiations. I have no doubt the owners would be completely fine with the current 7 years of RFA, and maybe a 8-10 year maximum on contracts (pending other details as well). But that is somewhere where they can "give ground" in order to stick to their guns on lower percentage, for example. And the players will likely be willing to give on the percentage points, (given a redefinition of HRR), in order to maintain the revenue sharing program that will enable more teams to spend more.

Give and take. It will take time, but there is still a month, a lot can happen in that time. Calm down everyone.
I've been through the bargaining process a couple of times (obviously not under the same glare as this) but you always put things in the proposal you knew you would never get. Both sides did it. You would then show "good faith" by giving up what you knew you wouldn't get. Eventually you get down to the core issues and then it can get pretty messy. But even then you have a list of most important to least and where the line in the sand is. At some point something gives and things can fall into place relatively quickly. Paperwork and specific #'s are a non issue once the main negotiators come to an agreement. They will have legions of number crunchers and lawyers to dot the I's and cross the T's. Of course those who sign the pay-checks get more of their wants, but that's pretty much how life goes.

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