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08-15-2012, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Not sure what your point is. IT IS a problem if to get a guy he HAS to make room for it. It wouldn't be a problem if he just would trade or sign a guy WITHOUT having to make room. You still can be GM without having to constant juggle your lineup. Others elsewhere have been GM without having to make room. Taking decisions can be happening just by wondering if a guy is good or not for your team....if a deal makes your team better without having to send a guy for a 7th rounder to make room for it. Mind you, nobody will cry if it does happen for Gomez. But I do know that every FREAKIN time we've been forced to DEAL somebody or we HAD to make a move and other teams saw us coming from a mile.....we rarely if NEVER were the winning team......

Also.....being a GM works if you can find another GM to work with. Yes...that's also what being a GM is.....find a fish. But sometimes, you just can't do anything. Which player to make the room needed has value and would you be willing to part with? We shouldn't be willing to deal soooooooooooooooo precious.....Who else? And when the answer is NOBODY....well there's so much room you can make. The only players you could get rid of and and make some significative cap space are Gomez, Bourque and Kaberle. Others are either untouchables, or not paid enough to make some significant room....or just not interesting enough. There's so much a GM can do.
great points, but I think there's more to the problem. I don't think the habs/bergevin want to send a guy like gomez in the minors. When you cross that line as an organization (we did not give him the contract ... but we still traded for him) you open a door that will likely prevent players -namely overpaid UFA's - to sign for you. I might be wrong, but if I was GM, id try to preserve an image of montreal that if you sign here, we won't throw you around and honor ''ridiculous contracts'' ala kovalchuk/parise/suter ect .. .

On another note, if keeping Gomez means we are not giving Doan a 4 years/30m deal ... it makes sense from an owner POV to try Gomez out in a new environment before sending him down or buy him out.

new coach, new management, new role , ect ... Gomez always had PP inflated numbers. Playing with markov and an older Subban at the point could help him have a decent year ... or just play him as 3rd line center at ES ... with no PP ... He's not worth his salary, but there is still good hockey left in him. kinda like good in darth vader, never know. His value is so low, let him start the season - we even might be able to move him if we need to - .

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