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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
I think that they misunderstood what he said about Sean O'Donnell at the end of that playoff game. O'Donnell went for a block that ended up as a screen because the puck got by him. When asked why a shot that looked sort of harmless got by he mentioned the screen that O'Donnell set as he was trying to block the shot. Then he expounded saying "he has to make that play there."

I heard that as "it's not his fault he screened me, trying to block that shot is the play to make there, everytime". How they heard it was "he has to successfully block that shot, he has to make that play there".

Who's take on it was right? I can't swear to know, but my take on it is more consistent with how Leighton has carried himself before and since. If he really was blaming O'Donnelll, then it's the only time I've ever heard him do it.
I interpreted that the same way you did.

I expect we'll see 09/10 Leighton minus the horrific nut-punch Pat Kane goal which was a real fluke even for Leighton. He'll be adequate on 1st shots because of his size but if we lose anymore d-men and opponents crash the crease at will he'll give up too many rebound goals and look bad (as will Bryz).

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