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[XBOX] NHL 13 GM Connected League - Regular Season Underway!

League Name: "HF Canucks League", search it and send a join request for your respective team. I'm Advancing the Schedule every 3 days, Join in the game ASAP. If you challenge a team in the menus, it automatically sends a notification to the user, don't worry about friending everyone just so you can invite them when it says "waiting for opponent". Here's the video if you don't know what the GM Connected is.


Here's the link to the Chat Room, the password is "Burrows" . http://www.***********/37386419337358

So.. I'll go over a couple of things.

  • Trades must be somewhat realistic, I'm not gunna make you put the trades through me for comfirmation because that's too much work, but try and be as realistic as possible.
  • You will have to play a minimum if 5 games through the regular season.
  • Come playoffs, you must play Game 6 and if neccessary Game 7.
  • Play nice.
  • Keep the chirping to a minimum, we're not here to make enemies, we're all friends here.
  • No complaining about glitching, cheating etc.
  • If there are no teams left and you would still like to join, you may ask a GM if they would take you as their Co-GM or their Head Coach or just as a player.
  • If you're inactive for long periods of time without informing me, you will be evicted from the league and your spot will be available right away.
  • All CPU games will be played on All-Star difficulty.
  • If you're going to be away, please designate an Interim GM, it can be your Assistant GM or another user, just find one.
  • Users who are here simply to play will become Free Agents when they join, they can sign with any team they desire for a certain amount of seasons (8 Maximum) and after the contract is up they can choose to re-sign with the same team or take their talents somewhere else.
  • If you miss your chance to play and/or simulate your games, too bad, they've already been auto-simulated and everyone is moving on.
  • I will be advancing the 2 week schedule period on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so get what you need to get done before those days. If you just want your games to be simmed for a while, then you don't have to worry about the auto-simulation, the simming will be done for you.
  • if there is a spot open for a GM, the Assistant GM of the team will be promoted. If there is no Assistant GM, it goes to whoever has the most senority in the Free Agency. But this format allows you to play even if you're waiting to be a GM, you can still be on a team for the time being until you have the most seniority in the FA to get a GM spot. And remember, Assistant GM's are part of the Free Agency, so an Assistant GM from a different team may have more Seniority than you do.

And here's the teams:
Team User
Derp Kassian (Kufi Smacking)
CCF23 (CCF23)
Peter Griffin (Trefty)
jacobrg77 (juglethenuggets)
TheGleninator (BigChiefBeef)
JMcCarthyFC (Jeoffreh)
HankieDankie (DauntingAssasin)
mnwild22 (MN WILD 22)
joker123 (Scarmonkey64)
LickTheEnvelope (LickTheEnvelope)
Grosh (Sclo)
Royal Canuck (Raunchy Tofu) *COMMISSONER*
Co Ho (Yapster)
thebluenote (Feretos)
Alexistheman (speta)
SensAreReligion (Hockeyhero95)
ubiquitous (Dobio)
Jumex (Kevin Jacobs)
Slapshot_11 (A Legit Rawr)
Inside McKenzie (imcensored)

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