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08-15-2012, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Dave Karp View Post
Name: John
Age: 24
Sex: M
Birthplace: Berwick, NS
Hometown: Kingston, ON
Mode of Transportation: Nothing.
Job: Costco
How and when you became a Stars fan: Watched the Mighty Ducks one too many times and became a North Stars fan.
Current Favorite Stars Player: Loui Eriksson
All-Time Favorite Stars Player: Mike Modano
Current Favorite Non-Stars Player: Kovalchuk
All-Time Favorite Non-Stars Player: Can't say I really have one. Probably be Sakic or Yzerman if I had to choose.
College Attended/Attending: Queen's University
Favorite Band(s): Brad Paisley, Billy Currington.. country artists.
Favorite Movie(s): The Mighty Ducks
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite TV Show(s): X-Files, Fringe, The Newsroom, Workaholics
Favorite City: Quebec City, Quebec
Hobbies: I spend most of my free time either reading, watching or playing sports.
Interesting Fact About Yourself: Depends on who's asking I suppose, but I co-hosted a sports radio show at Queen's University a few times which I thought was pretty cool.

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