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08-15-2012, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Murphy7 View Post
Is this in the CBA somewhere? Because that's something I'm pretty sure no one has heard. Weber is NOT a FA in a year if he doesn't sign. He signed an offer sheet from the Flyers, in which he agreed to play for either the Flyers or the Preds for the next 14 years. Not signing an SPC doesn't nullify the agreement he's already signed to be one of two teams' property for the next 14 seasons.

Now, if he's not tendered the deal by the Preds, that's something entirely different. I'm sure Bettman would hand down stiff penalties for such shenanigans. And the Flyers would quickly lobby to be awarded the player they signed.

Both sides (Preds and Weber) could be looking for more favorable terms in the next CBA. Maybe find loopholes out of the mess that Nashville was forced into. That makes good business sense on both sides. They are, after all, contractually obligated to sign the SPC.
Originally Posted by Haute Couturier View Post
Does anyone know what a binding agreement is? He signed a contract. He is bound to those terms. The SPC is just a formality. If he sits out his contract will be tolled. He does not become a free agent until he completes the 14 year deal.

Fans are trying to make something out of nothing. Neither side is in a rush to formalize the SPC because it might be to their advantage to wait. There is no magical loophole that will see him become a Flyer.
Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
Wrong. The one year period starts when he signs his SPC, and if he doesn't sign it by Dec 1st, no credit for this year and the clock would start with the 2013-14 season.
Well, I'll give you my source, not sure where it is in the CBA, but

"According to the terms of the current CBA, if Weber doesn’t sign his SPC by December 1 that means he is simply ineligible to play; it doesn’t not mean he and the Predators cannot sign and formalize the SPC after that date.

As far as his player status is concerned, that remains to be seen. According to the terms of the current CBA, he remains Predators property through July 24, 2013, deal or no deal. Weber turns 27 today (August 14), which means that effective July 1, 2013 (the beginning of the new league year) he is eligible as a Group 3 UFA. Keeping in mind that he is property of Nashville through July 24, 2013, that conceivably means that effective July 25, 2013, Shea Weber will be a UFA if he does not sign the current SPC. However, all of this assumes the rules of the current CBA being enforced."

Take it FWIW.

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