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08-16-2012, 12:27 AM
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Skating = Shins about to explode [PLEASE HELP]

So here's my story..

I learned to skate when I was young, never had any pain that I can remember back in those days.

Over the past year/year and a half I have been trying to get into ice hockey but I obviously wanted to work on my skating fundamentals (backwards skating, crossovers, balance, speed..etc) before I joined a beginners league.

However, I have been faced with one big problem..

After skating for ~5 minutes, my shins gradually approach a level of severe, severe pain! They tighten up to the point that I have to rip my skates off and slowly stretch out the effected area to relieve the extreme discomfort.

Solution 1:
-I have tried doing stretches before and after skating, stretching my calves, shins, feet, hamstrings..everything!

..Didn't work.

Solution 2:
-Bought wax laces to prevent them from coming loose.. nothing.
-Got the skates baked .. nothing.
-Tried leaving the top eyelit, middle eyelit undone, the middle part a little looser, the top part a little looser .. nothing.

Solution 3:
-Low and behold, I experienced the same problem while running.. I got custom orthotics and the problem was solved.

-I bought the yellow superfeet.. Didn't work.

-I went to see a podiatrist had him make $500 custom insoles for my skates.. The first time I went skating with them the problem was very minor, almost a non-issue.. I went skating twice about a month or two after.. and the problem was back, maybe even worse.

I have tried all these solutions in conjunction with each other and the issue is still just as ****ed as ever. I've been playing ball hockey for years now, but I absolutely love ice hockey .. I want to play so bad but this problem makes it impossible!

What do I do!? SOMEONE HELP ME

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