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Originally Posted by SmellOfVictory View Post
I'd argue that playmaking is a facet of getting the puck close to the net. When is playmaking most effective? When the recipient is in the slot or close in, just outside the slot. Although 'getting the puck close/open' might be slightly more accurate, since there are times when the shooter is relatively far out and the playmaker simply gives him an open net to shoot at.

I agree with the other poster that it would be more accurate to say that Crosby's skill is getting the puck close to the net, because although he's a fantstic playmaker, he's also just really good at taking it there himself and scoring (hence his high personal shooting percentage).

@TalksToGoalposts: Just wanted to mention that Tanguay is a bad example of "high SH% player taking lion's share of shots", since he averages around 100 shots/season. His personal shot percentage is ludicrously high, though, and he does play on a line with Iginla.
Any even strength forward that takes a reasonable portion of their lines shots can have an effect. In this case Tanguay shots at near 20% on 5 on 5 while a typical forward gets about 9%. But as a forward who isn't getting a ton of shots Tanguay would be getting around 1/4th of his team's shots 5 on 5 (defensemen shot rate is about half a forwards). 1/4th boost to twice the typical rate results in about 20% higher team on ice rate for Tanguay. If we use average shooting as 8% and multiply by 1.2 we get 9.6 which is in the ballpark of what Tanguay's on ice is like.

This only works for such a low shot rate because Tanguay's personal shooting% is so through the roof.

These aren't the exact numbers for Tanguay but are in the ball park to show the general idea. That he's often played with another high % shooter in Iginla as well would also be a factor but only for two of the 2007-11 seasons.

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